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Hand Blown Glass Memorials

by Mark Rosenbaum

Enjoy browsing the beauty of the exclusive memorials. Please send us a picture and description of your loved one with your order, both will be returned to you with your memorial piece of art

     Keep the love living on in beautiful pieces of hand blown glass memorials that enhance both the memory of your loved one and the aesthetics of your home from Cherished Eternal Glass.

     As cremations increases as a final choice for so many, you can treasure the memory of someone dear with a unique piece of hand blown glass memorial art, individually created, that incorporates cremated ashes in the design. Using a process developed by Master Glassblower artist Mark Rosenbaum, a small quantity of your loved one’s cremains is incorporated into the hand-blown design, enhancing its inherent beauty.



hand blown glass memorials

The Dancer

     An exclusive piece of memorial glass art that Cherished Eternal Glass offers is the “Dance of Life”. As with life, this piece comes full circle with love, and colors that are blended with the cremated ashes and finished with intertwined clear tips. The love shown for eternity in the Dancer is an embraced by moulton sands of time.


hand blown glass memorials

     The Dichroic Glass Hearts are exclusive glass memorials by Cherished Eternal Glass. The dichroic effect gives the glass shifting colors depending on the angle of view.

handblown glass memorials

     The Dichroic Glass Globes are exclusive memorials by Cherished Eternal Glass. Dichroic glass shows different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions.


     With this creative alternative to the conventional urn, you can choose from a wide selection of elegant shapes, many sizes and an array of color combinations – even the favored colors of your loved one – creating a handsome piece by a renowned artist whose work is in many important collections.

     Since only a small amount of cremated ash is employed in the creation of hand blown glass memorials, there is the opportunity for each member of the family or close friends to select a style and/or colors that reflect his or her own memories of the loved one.

     Cherished Eternal Glass memorials are pieces of works of art and enduring tributes. A part of your loved ones lives on with you forever and the hand blown glass memorials can be passed on to future generations.


     Our Faqs page hopefully will answer most questions you, family members or friends may have. If you have additional questions, please email Rose at or call Rose at 903-374-6206. We are here to help soothe the loss of your loved one by creating beauty with cremation ashes.

     Order one of our collection kits today, there is no charge for us to send you one with an order selection sheet and prices to share with your family members and friends. Just fill out the form on the contact page or email Rose today and we will mail you one by USPS priority mail.

Cherished Eternal Glass

Hand Blown Glass Memorials


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